Climate News Scan

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Some highlights from this week's News Scan:

  • Energy efficiency as important as fossil fuels.
  • 100 best practices for sustainable cities.
  • US considers its response to the Mountain Pine Beetle.

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By Kaitlin Arciaga

The Spanish have a popular saying, “mañana mañana” translated literally as “tomorrow tomorrow.” It is meant to convey a nonchalant attitude toward looming deadlines and hard work. In terms of maintaining good health, Canadians are ingrained toward a “manana” mindset – procrastinating optimal health choices for later rather than confronting the realities of their current health habits. Unfortunately, this reactive approach to health care has de-emphasized the importance of preventive medicine. 

Ideas for Impact

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How do we grow our local economies? Make our communities more resilient to economic downturns? Support our local businesses? These are just some of the questions that proponents of the local economic movement have been working with. Local purchasing has been one of the key aspects within the ‘local’ movement, really focusing on shifting consumer spending from multinationals to local business (creating a local premium). We have seen this movement spread across North America in recent years, driven by associations such as BALLE, LOCO BC, and Buy Local.