How Prevention can be the Best Form of Medicine

November 6, 2013

By Kaitlin Arciaga

The Spanish have a popular saying, “mañana mañana” translated literally as “tomorrow tomorrow.” It is meant to convey a nonchalant attitude toward looming deadlines and hard work. In terms of maintaining good health, Canadians are ingrained toward a “manana” mindset – procrastinating optimal health choices for later rather than confronting the realities of their current health habits. Unfortunately, this reactive approach to health care has de-emphasized the importance of preventive medicine. 

Social Entrepreneurs celebrate a year with ISIS

October 16, 2013

By Jana Svedova

In January of this year ISIS welcomed the first cohort of the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub, a 12-month accelerator program for social ventures. The program brings together some of the most promising ventures into one collaborative co-working space where entrepreneurs have access to the ISIS and Sauder School knowledge and resources, advisory help and mentorship, regular workshops and speaker sessions to help accelerate their ventures to the next level. Recently we celebrated the accomplishments of this group of ventures at the Social Venture Re-vue, an inspiring evening where entrepreneurs shared the stories of their journeys over the past year and their plans for the future.

Brace for Impact

September 3, 2013

By  Alfonso Cuyegkeng

Impact investing is growing in popularity. Top banks, including JP Morgan, have created social finance units within their organizations. Students at top business schools like Harvard and Wharton are gravitating towards impact investing roles over those in prestigious investment banks. The heady promise of handsome financial returns while creating impact is driving this momentum. Numerous private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) funds in the field promise a financial return in the range of 20%, while either improving the lives of the poorest in society or creating a greener world.

A Gentle Protest: Grow What You Eat

August 29, 2013

By Amanda Yogendran

“I’m working on a DIY project this weekend” seems to be an increasingly common phrase among my friends and colleagues. However it’s not just my own experience, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is one of the most searched terms online and has more videos on YouTube than any other category (even cats!). Why is this important? Because people feel a growing need to create, collaborate and share. A growing urge to take charge and test alternative approaches. Fueled by the recession and economic uncertainty, DIY-ers seek independence and empowerment by engaging in the production process.

Triking Toward a Sustainable Vancouver

July 10, 2013

By Larissa Russell

Tricycles are often accompanied with visions of toddlers and scraped knees but a new type of tricycle has hit the streets of Vancouver- and it’s no toy!

Shift Delivery, a cargo-trike company in Vancouver, has big plans to revolutionize the delivery industry by following France’s lead. La Petite Reine, the cargo-trike giant in France, uses its fleet to make about 3,500 last-mile deliveries each day.


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